Wood Eric Munshaw  |  Chilliwack, BC

Eric Munshaw has enjoyed the hobby of turning wood in the Chilliwack River Valley for nearly 25 years. He began working with wood in 1974 and bought his first wood lathe shortly after moving into the valley.

He uses woods with unique grains and markings acquired locally from wind-blown or otherwise downed trees on private land and exchanges a finished bowl for the wood he is given.

Each log section is surveyed for grain patterns and cut and shaped. The wood is then rough shaped into a bowl on the wood lathe. A single large block of wood can have up to 6 bowls of sequentially smaller diameter cut out of it.

Placed in a plastic bag in a greenhouse, each green bowl now dries for about 3 weeks. The plastic bag is inverted each day to slowly release moisture from the bowl, reducing checking or cracking. Each bowl is then place in a hot dry storage room for a few days until it is needed for sanding.

The signature feet of the bowls are shaped. Each bowl is hand sanded up to 6 times with a layer of polyurethane applied between each sanding. Then they are buffed with rubbing compound and a buffing wheel giving the products their signature high gloss finish. If this finish dulls, mineral oil can be rubbed on to restore the shine.

Finally, each unique piece is signed and the type of wood and the location where it grew is also added to the bottom of the bowl.